Overseas CIP to Vietnam and Cambodia

  • Student Exchange Programme
  • Community Involvement Programme
  • Social & Cultural Integrated Programmes
  • Environmental



  • Workshops
    • Environment
    • Eco Garden
    • Green Space
    • Leadership


  • Informative Talks
    • Nature Conservation
    • Climate Change
    • Deforestation
    • Ecosystems




  • Young Environmentalists Camp
  • Field Trips, Nature Trail


Social Projects

  • Zero Carbon Resettlement Village
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Youth in Giving
  • Clean Water


Actions for Earth

  • No Disposables Day
  • Green Home Challenge
  • Global Youth Summit
  • Global Youth Summit Camp

We play and active role in providing education enhancement programmes on environmental and social affairs. Our passion for nature and community involvement sparked the creation Nature conservation and Environmental education programmes for schools, engaging students on environmental issues and climate change since 2000. Hemispheres Foundation is based in Singapore.